You are ready to make the commitment to get your financial life back together. You are ready to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Minnesota. You understand that getting a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge takes time and may not occur for years. However, do you know what to expect in the short term?


What Happens and When in the Weeks Following a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing


Once you decide to file for Chapter 13 and you have completed the requisite counseling, the first thing you will do is file a bankruptcy petition in Bankruptcy Court. That begins the bankruptcy process and, after that, you can expect that approximately:


  • 15 days after filing you will have been required to file all of your schedules and your proposed repayment plan. Often, your Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney will file these together with your bankruptcy petition. Additionally, the Court will mail the Commencement of Case to you that will notify you, and your creditors, about the date for the creditors meeting
  • 30 days after filing you will need to make your first payment pursuant to your repayment plan.
  • 45 days after filing your Meeting of Creditors will occur. The court appointed trustee will conduct the meeting and provide your creditors with the opportunity to ask you questions. Your attorney may be present. Most creditors do not attend this meeting. However, as the debtor, you are required to attend.


After the Meeting of Creditors, creditors have the right to object to your repayment plan and the court may make changes. Of course, an experienced  Minneapolis-St. Paul bankruptcy lawyer can anticipate problems and help you develop a repayment plan that will be approved by your creditors and the court.


Contact a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer Before You Start the Process


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