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Not All of Your Income is Subject to Wage Garnishment in Minnesota

You are struggling to pay your bills. Your paycheck seems to buy less and less every time you receive it, though the amount you receive has stayed the same. Then, one payday you open your check and notice that the amount is even lower than what you expected. How did this happen, and what can you do about it?


If your wages have been garnished, it is important to know that there are limits on wage garnishment in Minnesota and to know what to do if you think your wages have been wrongfully garnished.


Limits on Wage Garnishment in Minnesota that You Need to Know


Federal law provides several limits on wage garnishment. Generally, if your wages are being garnished by a creditor (and not for spousal or child support) then your creditors are limited to a certain percentage of your earnings. Additionally, your creditors may not garnish:


  1. Social security benefits.
  2. Retirement benefits.
  3. Public assistance or welfare payments.
  4. Worker’s compensation insurance payments.
  5. Income from disability insurance or unemployment insurance.


The nature of your income does not change when it is deposited in your checking or savings account. It is the source, rather than the destination, of your money that is applicable for Minnesota wage garnishments.


How to Contact a Minneapolis Wage Garnishment Lawyer


If you have been notified that your wages may be garnished, or if you have noticed less money in your recent paycheck because of a wage garnishment, then it is important to contact an experienced Minneapolis wage garnishment attorney as soon as possible.


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