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Minneapolis Wage Garnishment Lawyer Discusses Three Debtor Options

It can be unnerving to get off the phone with or receive a letter from a creditor who is threatening to garnish your wages. Can a creditor really take your income straight from your employer before it comes to you? In some cases a creditor can do just that.

Wage garnishment may make your financial situation even more difficult and should not be taken lightly. Your employer may be powerless to prevent the wage garnishment if it is permitted by law. However, despite what your creditor may have told you, there may be ways to prevent the wage garnishment and protect your rights. An experienced Minneapolis wage garnishment lawyer can help you understand your options and protect your future.

What Can a Minneapolis Wage Garnishment Attorney Do For Me?
A Minneapolis-St. Paul wage garnishment lawyer may be able to help you, but how that help will occur depends on your specific situation. If your wages are being garnished for reasons other than child or spousal support, then an attorney may be able to help protect your interests by:

  • Negotiating a deal with your creditor.
  • Protecting certain parts of your income. For example, if your wages are being garnished by a creditor (and not for spousal or child support) then income gained from social security, retirement plans, government assistance plans, workers’ compensation, unemployment or disability benefits may not be subject to garnishment.
  • Discussing alternatives, such as bankruptcy, with you.

How Do I Contact an Experienced Minneapolis Wage Garnishment Lawyer?
If you are facing a wage garnishment, it is important to contact a Minneapolis-St. Paul wage garnishment attorney as soon as possible to discuss how to make the best of a difficult situation and protect your rights.

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