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How to Stop Home Foreclosure in Minnesota | Bankruptcy Lawyer St. Paul

Home foreclosure. These words strike fear in the hearts of families across our state. As you struggle to pay the bills, the thought of filing for bankruptcy or losing your home can make you feel like a failure. You feel like you have failed to provide for your family, to keep the home you love. But as experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers, we don’t see it that way. Bad things happen to good people. Hardworking, dedicated employees are laid off. A loving family, trying to do their best to stay afloat, find themselves buried in credit card debt, unable to make payments on the cards, or their home. While you have thought about bankruptcy, you have not been able to speak the word, to let others know just how desperate your situation is, how you have failed to support yourself, your family. You have not failed.
Bankruptcy is Not a Failure – It is Your Chance at a Fresh Start
We know that the creditors are making your life a living hell, making you feel that you have failed to meet your obligations, failed to fulfill a promise. Your financial situation is dire, but it is not about failing or succeeding; it’s about doing the right thing, right now. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Minnesota is not admitting defeat, not a failure. It’s making the decision to take control of your destiny, get your life back and save your home. Making that decision is difficult, and it should not be entered into lightly, but it’s about doing the right thing by your family. It’s about getting the help you need and moving forward.
If You Are Facing Bankruptcy, the Loss of Your Home – What You Need is Compassion, Not Judgment

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