You feel like a failure. Your kids want the latest fashions, your spouse wants to take a vacation, and you want a moment’s peace. However, none of that seems possible when you can’t pay your bills. You may lay awake at night, thinking about your options for getting out of this financial mess. You may even consider bankruptcy. However, you cannot bear the humiliation and embarrassment that comes along with a bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Does Not Mean That You Failed

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Dakota County does not mean that you have failed yourself or your family. Instead, it means that you are taking control of your finances and your future. You are making the choice to satisfy your debts and move on with your life. It does not mean losing everything you had; you can find ways to begin reaffirming your mortgage after bankruptcy, so you can prevent the loss of your home, and can protect the needs of your family through the process. That is something to be proud of. It is something that may help you sleep at night.

Generally, nobody will know that you have filed for bankruptcy protection unless they seek out that information or you share it with them. While bankruptcy filings are public information, there are typically no telltale signs that will announce your bankruptcy to someone who isn’t actively seeking the information.

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