It seems like there isn’t a moment of your day that isn’t consumed with worry. From the moment you wake up until the moment you finally drift off to sleep, you are worried about how you will pay your bills and stay in your home another month. You know that if you keep going like you are currently going that you will soon be out of options. Soon the mortgage won’t be paid, and your family will be forced to leave the home that you love.


That is, Unless You Take Control of Your Financial Situation

Taking control does not necessarily mean making more money. Instead, it means making smart financial and legal decisions given your current income, debt, and goals.


The first step in taking control is learning about your options. For example, you might consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Minnesota. A Chapter 13 case will allow you to work out a repayment schedule for your loans. This may allow you to lower your other debt obligations and continue to make your monthly mortgage payments so that you can remain in your home. If you’re not wanting to consider filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy , you could look at other options, for instance you may want to look at how you can refinance your home loan so you can start meeting your monthly payments once more.


Contact an Experienced Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney to Take control Today

If you are ready to control your own life again and to stop worrying about whether you will need to relocate your family, then we encourage you to contact Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer Barry Rosenzweig. Barry is not only an experienced Minneapolis St. Paul bankruptcy lawyer, but he also understands how responsible people may need legal and financial help.


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