You know you did everything you could to keep your home. You worked hard. You are a good person. Yet the bills got ahead of you. You fell on hard times. You know you need help now, but you can’t bear going to see a lawyer who is going to be judgmental. You don’t want to share your financial information with a Minneapolis foreclosure attorney who is going to think you are irresponsible.

You are Not Alone
Most people face similar feelings when faced with foreclosure. According to a Harris Interactive Poll conducted in 2005, before the recession, 90% of people reported that they would feel embarrassed, scared, angry, or depressed if facing foreclosure. These feelings are not uncommon, but they are important. It is important to recognize that you might be feeling embarrassed, scared, angry or depressed, and those emotions must be dealt with so they do not stand in the way of getting advice about how to handle your financial issues. Speaking with an experienced and empathetic Minneapolis foreclosure lawyer will make you feel more in control and better about your situation.

Contact an Experienced Minneapolis Foreclosure Attorney Who Will Not Judge You
When you contact our Minneapolis foreclosure law firm, you can schedule a meeting directly with Attorney Barry Rosenzweig. We will provide you with personal attention and never judge you because of your debts. We view all of our clients as individuals, and we will work hard to help you and your family have the future you deserve.

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