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Clients speaks highly of Minneapolis Bankruptcy
Attorney Barry Rosenzweig

Videos a law firm posts tell you a lot about their lawyers. Please watch the following short videos to learn more about our Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys.

Satisfied Client speaks highly of Rosenzweig Law Office

“I highly recommend Attorney Barry Rosenzweig”

Raving Fan of Rozenzweig Law Office speaks out…

“They are very well connected to the judical community”

Client Pam Wallace speaks highly of Rosenzweig Law Office

“I didn’t know where else to turn until I found Barry”

Satisfied client Rod H. speaks highly of Rosenzweig Law Office

“He helped me get out of debt” Rod Heldt

Types of Bankruptcy: A brief review of the three main types of bankruptcy cases for individuals chapters 7, 11, and 13. The most common types of bankruptcy are chapter 7, which are liquidating bankruptcy, and chapter 13 cases, often used by individuals who want to catch up on past due mortgage or car loan payments and keep their assets.

Bankruptcy 101 – What you need to know!

Educate yourself on this Bankruptcy 101 video. Learn the basics about filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota so you are familiar with the process.

Learn which assets you can keep (Exemptions) and what debts you can eliminate. (Discharge)