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Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney
– Get a Fresh Start

Facing Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or Repossession in Minnesota? It’s a Burden Too Heavy to Bear Alone

­­Your financial burdens weigh on your mind nearly every moment of the day. When you think about the mess you are in, your stomach aches. You are unable to sleep, and the stress affects every aspect of your life. If for a brief moment you are able to distract yourself, to relax your mind, the phone rings and your heart drops. Calls from the credit card companies, your bank, the mortgage company, never cease, never letting you forget the deep hole you are stuck in.

Suffering from Debt Stress in Minnesota? There is a way out.

You must know that you are not alone, that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone makes mistakes, and bad things happen to good people. We can help. The experienced Minneapolis bankruptcy attorneys at the Rosenzweig Law Office know exactly what you are going through and are prepared to help. Stop the harassing phone calls. Breathe again. Sleep again. Regain the life you once had. Contact one of our Minnesota debt relief attorneys in and request your FREE copy of our book: What You Need to Know About Filing For Bankruptcy in Minnesota. 

How Our Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help

As bankruptcy attorneys we handle all kinds of debt-related cases and have helped thousands of people in Minnesota recover from tough financial situations. St. Paul, Minnesota foreclosure attorney Barry Rosenzweig can help you successfully complete the following legal actions:

  • Chapter 7 – It is entirely possible for you to successfully file for Minnesota Chapter 7 bankruptcy, while keeping your home, your vehicle and your retirement. When filing you may be able to keep your: home, motor vehicle, appliances, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, workers’ compensation, unemployment, veterans’ benefits, farm machines and equipment. This list represents just a few of the many exemptions allowed by law. Ensure that you successfully file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and keep as many of your assets as possible. Contact the aggressive and compassionate Edina debt relief attorneys at Rosenzweig Law Office today for your free consultation.
  • Chapter 13 – It is entirely possible for you to successfully file for Minnesota Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to repay a portion of your debt through a Minnesota bankruptcy plan. A Chapter 13 allows you to: stop paying interest on credit card debt, catch up on house or car payments and stop the onslaught of your creditors’ phone calls. Only an attorney with experience in filing both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions in Minnesota can help you choose the right plan.
  • Foreclosure – A pending home foreclosure feels like the final blow to those who have been struggling to survive financially. You may have lost your job, gone through a divorce, or suffered other circumstances that now have you drowning in debt. The possible loss of your home is devastating. However, with an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side, stopping a foreclosure, keeping your home and catching up on missed house payments are all within your reach. Stop them from taking your home. Call our Minneapolis foreclosure lawyers today at MN (952) 920-1001 or AZ (480) 207-2203.
  • Repossession – When you are already struggling to survive and keep your family afloat, the possible repossession of your vehicle can be overwhelming. Legitimate fears crowd your mind: When I go to sleep tonight will my car be taken away? Our Minnesota bankruptcy law firm is ready to shoulder your burden, to break the cycle of fear and stress that have been ruling your life.
  • Loss of Job – When you lose your job, the initial shock is soon replaced by a sinking feeling depression. Will you be able to find a new job? Will you lose your home, your car? How will you ever recover from this set back? A free consultation with an understanding attorney at the Rosenzweig Law Office can give you the answers you seek and leave you with a feeling of hope. Things can work out; let us show you how.
  • Debt Consolidation – Debt consolidation companies assure you that they will take care of you. But will they? Too often the answer is no. They cannot give you any legal advice or help you devise a plan for long-term financial success. However, in just one FREE meeting with St. Paul debt consolidation attorney Barry Rosenzweig, you will be given a plan to get yourself out of financial trouble and plan for your future.
  • Loan Modification – There are many ways that you can work to modify your home loan. Our dedicated lawyers work to ensure that we know the best and most current ways to reduce debt stress and modify your Minnesota home loan. Keep your home. Contact a Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney at Rosenzweig Law Office today for your free consultation. Call today. MN (952) 920-1001 or AZ (480) 207-2203.

Personal, Compassionate Legal Care
Attorney Barry Rosenzweig will personally meet with you for your initial consultation. Our law firm is based on personal, compassionate care. You are not your debts, not your mistakes, not just another client. You, your family and your future are the reasons we practice bankruptcy law. Make a fresh start. Contact the best bankruptcy lawyers in Minnesota at the Rosenzweig Law Office today by calling MN (952) 920-1001 or AZ (480) 207-2203.