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ANSWER: Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the most common form of bankruptcy use by individuals and allows for the wiping out of most unsecured debt. Unlike a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which involves a payment plan established by the bankruptcy court and you and allows for the ordering payoff of your debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to keep certain property. The property that you are allows to keep is referred to as exemptions. This allows for what is commonly known as a “fresh start”.

ANSWER: Contact our office to schedule an appointment to speak with us. You can reach us by using our online form. We can also be reached by phone at MN (952) 920-1001 or AZ (480) 207-2203. Our attorneys can help you to decide whether bankruptcy is right for you and, if so, which type makes the most sense for your particular circumstances. Different types of bankruptcy have different eligibility requirements, and so it is very important that you consult with an attorney prior to planning any bankruptcy-related action.