Cook and Peregrine in Trouble after Minneapolis-Based Ponzi Scheme Implodes

Trevor Cook is currently serving a 25-year jail sentence for his Minneapolis-based Ponzi scheme, which resulted in millions of dollars in losses for his unsuspecting clients. The organizers of Ponzi schemes promise high returns to new clients and then use that money to pay off older investors who wish to “cash out” their investments, all [...]

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Are Minnesota Jobs in Jeopardy?

Every month, news is released about job gains and job losses in Minnesota. The news from May 2012 brought concern that job growth in Minnesota could be leveling off.   Data released in mid-June showed that while the state unemployment rate remained flat at 5.6%, the job growth seen in Minnesota during the early part [...]

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President Obama Talks of Economy and Job Creation in Minnesota Speech

Last month, President Obama discussed his views on the U.S. economy before a Minnesota audience at a Honeywell factory in Golden Valley. According to President Obama, the economy is not growing or creating jobs quickly enough because of external factors such as high gas prices and Europe’s economic issues.   However, the news provided by [...]

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Minnesota Job Losses Increase as Unemployment Rate Decreases

The Minnesota job loss statistics and unemployment rate were recently released for April 2012. At first glance, the numbers released for April 2012 may seem inconsistent. It has been reported by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal and others that Minnesota lost approximately 3,100 jobs during the month of April. Furthermore, the statistics released by [...]

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Are New Minnesota Loan Modification Rules on the Horizon?

In recent years, some Minnesota homeowners have been victims and lost money to people who promised to help them with their debt problems through loan modifications. Homeowners were told that for a fee of $750, Trinity Mortgage would help them refinance their homes or modify their home loans. However, Trinity Mortgage didn’t do that, and [...]

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MN Attorney General Concerned About Debt Collection Practices

The actions of many debt collectors are sometimes questioned. However, the actions of certain debt collectors have recently gained the attention of the Minnesota attorney general, according to Medical News Today. It has been reported that employees of a certain debt collection company have been approaching patients in emergency departments and hospital rooms about unpaid [...]

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