Government Pension Fund Becomes First in America to File for Bankruptcy

When you think of America you probably think of the fifty states, but America includes territories, such as Puerto Rico and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, as well. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, like many states, is experiencing difficulty in the economic downturn and this difficulty is hurting its government pension [...]

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Will a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Affect Your Children? Talk to a Lawyer!

To some people bankruptcy may seem like a legal decision, a financial decision, or even a business decision with consequences only for the bankruptcy petitioner. These people are not parents. Parents know that all of the decisions they make, including the legal, financial and business decisions, affect their children. Parents, understandably, want to know how [...]

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Minneapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Answers Counseling Questions

In 2005, bankruptcy law changed. Among the changes was a requirement that, with very limited exceptions, individual debtors seeking bankruptcy get pre-bankruptcy counseling. The failure to comply with this requirement may result in the dismissal of your bankruptcy petition. Often, potential bankruptcy petitioners have questions about the pre-bankruptcy counseling requirement that can be answered by [...]

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Minneapolis Debt Consolidation Lawyer to Help You

Everybody has an opinion about what you should do to tackle your mounting debt. Whom can you trust? Should you seek the advice of the debt consolidation business you saw advertised on TV or consult an experienced Minneapolis debt consolidation attorney? Minneapolis Debt Consolidation Lawyer or Debt Consolidation Company? Before you make a decision, it [...]

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Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney: Which Bankruptcy Exemptions are Best for You?

Minnesota bankruptcy petitioners have a choice that is not available in every state. If you qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Minnesota, you may choose between federal bankruptcy exemptions and state bankruptcy exemptions for use in your case. While you may not pick and choose from both lists, the decision about which set [...]

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Foreclosure Isn’t Always Inevitable – Call a Minneapolis Foreclosure Lawyer

Several years ago, a Harris Interactive poll found that 91% of people believed they would be angry, depressed, embarrassed, and/or scared if they were facing home foreclosure. Our Minneapolis foreclosure attorneys are afraid the true percentage may be even higher. It’s hard to imagine not being angry, depressed, embarrassed or scared if you were faced [...]

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