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305, 2012

Minneapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Answers Counseling Questions

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In 2005, bankruptcy law changed. Among the changes was a requirement that, with very limited exceptions, individual debtors seeking bankruptcy get pre-bankruptcy counseling. The failure to comply with this requirement may result in the dismissal [...]

1804, 2012

3 Benefits of Hiring a Minneapolis Debt Consolidation Lawyer to Help You

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Everybody has an opinion about what you should do to tackle your mounting debt. Whom can you trust? Should you seek the advice of the debt consolidation business you saw advertised on TV or consult [...]

604, 2012

Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney: Which Bankruptcy Exemptions are Best for You?

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Minnesota bankruptcy petitioners have a choice that is not available in every state. If you qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Minnesota, you may choose between federal bankruptcy exemptions and state bankruptcy exemptions [...]

404, 2012

Foreclosure Isn’t Always Inevitable – Call a Minneapolis Foreclosure Lawyer

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Several years ago, a Harris Interactive poll found that 91% of people believed they would be angry, depressed, embarrassed, and/or scared if they were facing home foreclosure. Our Minneapolis foreclosure attorneys are afraid the true [...]

3003, 2012

Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting? Bring a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer!

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitioners create repayment plans to satisfy their outstanding debts that are eligible for bankruptcy discharge. As you might imagine, creditors are very interested in the terms of the repayment plan because it [...]