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How Long Before Credit Card Wage Garnishment in St. Paul?

If you are behind in your credit card payments, you likely have questions. You might want to know, for example, how long it will take a credit card company to garnish your wages and whether you should wait until your wages are garnished to contact a St. Paul wage garnishment lawyer.   You May Have [...]


3 Ways to Get Rid of a Minnesota Bank Levy

Just when you thought your finances could not be more difficult, a new challenge arose. You received a Notice of Levy from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. The Notice of Levy informed you that the Minnesota Department of Revenue is planning to take money out of your bank account(s) to satisfy your tax debts. You [...]


Role of Bankruptcy Trustee in Minnesota Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

You and your Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer have discussed your financial options and have decided that you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You understand what that means and that you may have to surrender certain pieces of property in order to satisfy your debts. You are ready to do that, but how?   When you [...]


3 Things that Could Result in Minnesota Chapter 7 Dismissal

You are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection with the best of intentions. You are in debt over your head and you want to get out. As you’ve done your research on Chapter 7, you’ve noticed that some Chapter 7 cases are dismissed rather than discharged, and that a Chapter 7 dismissal will not give [...]


How to Keep Property in a Minnesota Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

You understand that things have to change. You can’t keep living with the calls from creditors or the pressure of unpaid bills. You can’t keep subjecting your family to an unpleasant present and an uncertain future. You, and your Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney, have decided that filing for Chapter 7 protection is in your best interest, [...]


Minneapolis Wage Garnishment Lawyer Discusses Three Debtor Options

It can be unnerving to get off the phone with or receive a letter from a creditor who is threatening to garnish your wages. Can a creditor really take your income straight from your employer before it comes to you? In some cases a creditor can do just that. Wage garnishment may make your financial [...]


Minneapolis Debt Consolidation Lawyer Warning About Debt Companies

When financial stress is keeping you up at night, the promises of a debt consolidation company can be enticing. They assure you that they will help you regain control over your financial life. They ask you to trust them without seeking the advice of a Minneapolis debt consolidation lawyer. Should you, or could a debt [...]