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Minnesota Foreclosure Lawyer Helping People Stay in Their Homes

You remember, with pride, the day you closed on your house and were given the keys to your new home. For many people, it was the beginning of the American dream. You owned a home. You set down roots for your family. Your children could attend school in the district you wanted. Now, it is [...]


Facing Foreclosure in Minnesota? You are Not Alone.

If you are facing foreclosure in Minnesota, there is one fact that is important for you to know: You are not alone. You may not know of anyone who has faced foreclosure, and foreclosure may not be something that is often talked about in your circle of friends or in your workplace. However, others whom [...]


A Minneapolis Foreclosure Lawyer On Judicial and Non-Judicial Cases

Someone from the bank has called your house numerous times. The word “foreclosure” has been mentioned. What does it mean? Are all Minnesota foreclosures the same? How can you know more about your rights, and when is it time to contact a Minneapolis foreclosure attorney? Let’s answer that last question first. The time to call [...]


What Happens During Minnesota Foreclosure Redemption Period

The foreclosure on your home has already happened. You may feel frightened, embarrassed or even unsure about what to do next. It may seem like your life is in turmoil and that your home is unrecoverable. However, your rights do not end on the day of the sheriff’s sale. Instead, you have entered what is [...]


Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer ǀ Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Differences

Bankruptcy law provides people with options. If you are overwhelmed by debt and have a regular job, then you should talk to your Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer about your different options. You may be able to choose between filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are very [...]


Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer ǀ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Relief Overview

There has been so much uncertainty and stress in your life recently. Before you make any decisions about the future, you understandably want to know what’s going to happen to you next. Before you make the important decision to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, you deserve to understand what to expect. In this article, [...]