How Long Before Credit Card Wage Garnishment in St. Paul?

If you are behind in your credit card payments, you likely have questions. You might want to know, for example, how long it will take a credit card company to garnish your wages and whether you should wait until your wages are garnished to contact a St. Paul wage garnishment lawyer.


You May Have Some Control Over When Your Wages are Garnished


There is no specific deadline by which all credit card companies will move to wage garnishment in all cases. Factors that may influence how long it takes to have your wages garnished may include how far behind you are in payments and how proactive you have been in contacting the credit card company to work out a repayment plan.


Credit Card Companies Won’t Wait Forever


That said, credit card companies will not provide an unlimited time for you to repay what you owe. According to NASDAQ, credit card companies typically do not initiate wage garnishments in Minnesota, or elsewhere, unless your account is 90 days or more past due.


Contact a St. Paul Wage Garnishment Attorney if You are Behind on Payments


If you are having trouble making your credit card payments, then it is important to contact a St. Paul wage garnishment lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced St. Paul wage garnishment attorney may be able to prevent the wage garnishment from occurring or may be able to help you once a wage garnishment is in place.


Do not try to fight the credit card companies without full knowledge of your rights and the different ways in which you might be able to satisfy your debts. Instead, please browse the FREE resources available on our website and contact an experienced St. Paul garnishment lawyer today at MN (952) 920-1001 or AZ (480) 207-2203 for a FREE consultation about your rights.