3 Things that Could Result in Minnesota Chapter 7 Dismissal

You are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection with the best of intentions. You are in debt over your head and you want to get out. As you’ve done your research on Chapter 7, you’ve noticed that some Chapter 7 cases are dismissed rather than discharged, and that a Chapter 7 dismissal will not give you the fresh start that you seek. Now it is time to learn some of the reasons why Chapter 7 dismissals occur and how a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer may help you get the discharge that you deserve.


When a Dismissal May Occur Instead of a Discharge


You may be at risk of having your Chapter 7 case discharged if the court or one of your creditors suspects a:


  • Failure to comply with Bankruptcy Court requirements. If you do not do what the court asks by the deadlines, the court establishes you may be notified of a Chapter 7 dismissal.
  • Failure to honestly fill out your bankruptcy paperwork. Any omissions or misrepresentations on your bankruptcy petition or paperwork may be cause for a Chapter 7 dismissal.
  • Abuse of bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for bankruptcy and are abusing the process for your own financial gain, or if you have hidden assets protected from bankruptcy, then you may also be subject to a Chapter 7 dismissal.


Of course, just because the Court or a creditor suspects something does not make it true. You, together with your Minneapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, can fight a dismissal. If you are successful in your fight, then you may be able to get the discharge that you seek.


Contact a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney for Help Achieving Bankruptcy Protection


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