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Is a Minneapolis Foreclosure Deficiency Action in Your Future?

Your home has been foreclosed upon. You believe that the worst has happened. You have lost your home, you have relocated your family, and you continue to struggle to make ends meet. Then, you are informed that your nightmare is not yet over. Specifically, you are informed that the bank, or mortgage holder, is not satisfied with the foreclosure amount and is pursuing a deficiency judgment against you. Can this be done, or do you need the assistance of a Minneapolis foreclosure attorney?


The Answer is Both: a Deficiency Judgment May be Possible, and You May Need a Minneapolis Foreclosure Lawyer


While a deficiency judgment may be possible, it is not inevitable. Mortgage holders are only allowed to pursue deficiency judgments in certain situations. An experienced Minnesota foreclosure lawyer will make sure that the mortgage holder is acting within its legal rights and not pursuing a claim for which it has no legal authority.


Additionally, mortgage holders may be persuaded to give up their rights to deficiency judgments in some situations even if they are legally entitled to pursue such judgments. In those cases when a mortgage holder may be persuaded to give up its claim, a Minnesota foreclosure attorney will work hard to make that happen for you.


How to Contact a Minneapolis Foreclosure Attorney for Help


You’ve suffered enough with the foreclosure of your home. If you are still facing a potential deficiency judgment, then please contact an experienced Minneapolis debt relief lawyer today at MN (952) 920-1001 or AZ (480) 207-2203.