What Happens at the End of a Minnesota Foreclosure Redemption Period?

Your house was sold at foreclosure, and the redemption period has ended. Now what? What can you expect to happen, and is there any point in contacting a Minneapolis foreclosure attorney?


Life after the Redemption Period


Once the redemption period has ended, the homeowner no longer has the right to the property and must vacate the premises. The property belongs to the person who bought it at the sheriff’s sale or the mortgage company. If the property is sold after the end of the legal redemption period, the homeowner is not entitled to any equity from the sale of the property and has lost all rights to the property.


Why it is Important to Contact a Minneapolis Foreclosure Attorney Before, or After, Redemption


A Minneapolis foreclosure lawyer may not be able to help you keep your property, or any equity from your property, once the redemption period has ended. However, if your home was foreclosed upon, then that might not be your only financial worry. You may be having trouble paying other bills as well. If that is true for you then it is important to contact a Minnesota debt attorney as soon as possible to discuss bankruptcy and other legal options.


Of course, if your MN foreclosure redemption period is not yet over, then it is also important to contact a Minnesota foreclosure lawyer as soon as possible.


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