Is Bankruptcy or Wage Garnishment in Minnesota the Right Choice?

You feel like you are drowning in debt and that every gasp for air makes you sink further into trouble. Creditors may have threatened to garnish your wages, or they may have already garnished your wages. You are left with less money to pay your bills, and you see no relief. Wage garnishment in Minnesota can, undoubtedly, cause significant economic and emotional hardship. However, it is important to remember that you are in control and you might have options, even if your wages are garnished.


Bankruptcy May be an Option to Fight Wage Garnishment in Minnesota


If you file for bankruptcy in Minnesota, then most creditors may no longer garnish your wages, even if they had been garnishing your wages prior to bankruptcy. Instead, the garnishment is stopped and the creditors must satisfy their claims through the bankruptcy process.


In some cases there may be advantages to filing bankruptcy as opposed to allowing your wages to be garnished. For example, you may have more disposable income and be able to lead a better quality of life if you file bankruptcy. Additionally, bankruptcy provides you with some certainty. You know what you have to do to satisfy your debts and you can reasonably anticipate when the debts will be deemed satisfied and your case dismissed. You do not have those advantages with a wage garnishment, which may continue until a debt is satisfied in full.


Contact a Minneapolis Wage Garnishment Attorney for Help


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