Will a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Affect Your Children? Talk to a Lawyer!

To some people bankruptcy may seem like a legal decision, a financial decision, or even a business decision with consequences only for the bankruptcy petitioner. These people are not parents. Parents know that all of the decisions they make, including the legal, financial and business decisions, affect their children. Parents, understandably, want to know how their bankruptcy may impact their kids before they file their bankruptcy petition.

You can find out how your bankruptcy may impact your children by contacting a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy lawyers understand that no decision is made in a vacuum and that you have the desire and need to look out for your family. We can help you do that.

Possible Effects on the Kids

Just as no two families are the same, every bankruptcy is also unique. It is hard to generalize and impossible to provide one piece of advice for all parents considering bankruptcy in Minneapolis. For some parents Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be the answer, for others it will be a Chapter 7 petition, and for others bankruptcy will not be the right choice.

In reaching a decision, a Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney will talk to you about:

  • Your debts and assets.
  • Your long term plans.
  • Your most important priorities for yourself, your kids and your family.
  • How best to minimize the effects on your kids.

Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer, Minneapolis to Learn More
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