Minneapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Answers Counseling Questions

In 2005, bankruptcy law changed. Among the changes was a requirement that, with very limited exceptions, individual debtors seeking bankruptcy get pre-bankruptcy counseling. The failure to comply with this requirement may result in the dismissal of your bankruptcy petition. Often, potential bankruptcy petitioners have questions about the pre-bankruptcy counseling requirement that can be answered by a Minneapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

Have You Been Wondering about Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling?
Below are common questions about pre-bankruptcy counseling, and their answers:

  1. Where do I get bankruptcy counseling? Counseling may be done online or in person.
  2. Can anyone provide pre-bankruptcy counseling? No. The provider must be approved by the Bankruptcy Court. A list of approved providers is available on the Bankruptcy Court’s website.
  3. When should I get pre-bankruptcy counseling? You should receive counseling within the 180 days before you file bankruptcy.
  4. Do I have to get pre-bankruptcy counseling? Yes, with very limited exceptions.
  5. Should I wait to see a Minneapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer until I have completed the counseling? No. There is no need to wait. You may see an attorney before or after counseling.

How to Contact a Minneapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney For More Information
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